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New panting line In April 2006, the company FERRIT, s.r.o. put into full operation a new panting line, which will ensure surface...

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Management Systems Certified under ISO Ferrit s.r.o. has been holding since January 2006 an environmental management system certificate under ISO 140...

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Czech mining technology can assert itself on the Chinese market From the point of view of Czech exports it is important that China is the third largest world importer. The jo...

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The Czechs taught Russian mine workers how to safely transport coal The export of Czech products is increasing, not only thanks to traditional Škoda cars, beer and glass. In its ...

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About company Ferrit Slovakia, s.r.o.

Ferrit Slovakia s.r.o. company was established in 1997 as a branch of mother company Ferrit s.r.o. based in Czech republic.

Main activity of our company is trade with mining equipment designed and manufactured by company Ferrit s.r.o. . We also trade with other mining machinery (new and used), mainly explosion-proof machines and equipment for underground coal mines.

Ferrit s.r.o. was established in 1993. Through its activity, the company has joined the tradition of Czechoslovak mining engineering and utilizes the contacts and experience of its working team, which has long-term experience gained in business and development departments.
We have very good business contacts not just in Czech and Slovak mines but also abroad. Machines produced by our company operate in surface and deep mines of Siberia in Russia, mines in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Estonia and now even Turkey. The company supplies spare parts for Russian or Ukrainian machinery working in Czech or Slovak mines.

At the present time, the Ferrit s.r.o. company has a stable place on the market with mining equipment. On the Czech market, the company is the only supplier of suspended locomotives which are at the same time the carrying programme of our company. More than 80% of the total production is exported to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan and Estonia.

Ferrit Slovakia s.r.o. maintains very good business relations with mines in Slovakia. Our office is also looking after markets in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India.

Even though, we are on these markets for a short time, so far we have managed to established very good business relations.

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